2023 KFN International Symposium and Annual Meeting Sustainable Food System for
a Healthy & Value-Oriented Life

Oct. 18 (Wed) - 20 (Fri), 2023 BEXCO, Busan, Korea

Invited Speakers

Plenary Lecture 1. 14:30-15:30 (Wed), Room 205
Chair: Gi-Hyung Ryu (Kongju Natl Univ, Korea)
Alexander Mathys

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Emerging food production and processing for more sustainable food systems
International Session 1. Value-Oriented Food 15:30-17:30 (Wed), Room 205
Chair: Sung-Soo Park (Jeju Natl Univ, Korea)
15:30-16:00 Martin Reaney

University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Beyond aquafaba: Unlocking the potential of Aquaforté in sustainable food production
16:00-16:30 Sirichai Adisakwattana

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Asian black rice: Exploring the potential role in managing postprandial dysmetabolisms
Chair: Youngseung Lee (Dankook Univ, Korea)
Iris Haberkorn
16:30-17:00 Iris Haberkorn

ETH Singapore Centre, Singapore

Nutritious single-cell-based foods for more sustainable and healthy diets in urban areas
17:00-17:30 Deoghwan Oh

Kangwon National University, Korea

Psycobiotic Limosilactobacillus reuteri fermented brown rice attenuates anxiety-related behavior and modulates gut microbiota in mice
Session 1. Role of Lespedeza cuneata G. Don for Male Health in Menopause 15:30-17:30 (Wed), Room 201 Sponsored by Naturalway Co., Ltd.
Chair: Jiyun Ahn (KFRI, Korea)
Sun Yeou Kim
15:30-16:10 Sun Yeou Kim

Gachon University, Korea

Impact of Lespedeza cuneata on the endothelial dysfunction for future therapeutics
Changhee Kim
16:10-16:50 Changhee Kim

Naturalway Co., Ltd., Korea

Ameliorating effect of Lespedeza cuneata extract on male menopause by regulating testosterone and androgen receptor
Hyung Jee Kim
16:50-17:30 Hyung Jee Kim

Dankook University, Korea

The effect of Lespedeza cuneata extracts on improvement of aging male syndrome:
a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study
Session 2. Development of Health Functional Foods Using Cucurbitaceae 15:30-17:30 (Wed), Room 202 Sponsored by HARAM Co., Ltd.
Chair: Jong-Kwon Han (O’KANNAE Corp., Korea)
Ye-Eun Choi
15:30-16:00 Ye-Eun Choi

Haram Central Research Institute, Korea

Anti-osteoporotic effect of Benincasa hispida extract on osteoblast and osteoclast differentiation in vitro and ovariectomized mice in vivo
Sun-Il Choi
16:00-16:30 Sun-Il Choi

Kangwon National University, Korea

Immunomodulatory effect of fermented Benincasa hispida extracts (HR1901-BS) on RAW 264.7 macrophage and Balb/c mice
Chair: Seong Il Heo (Hongcheon Inst Med Herb, Korea)
Junmo Cho
16:30-17:00 Junmo Cho

Kangwon National University, Korea

Identification of marker compounds and validation of an analytical method in fermented Benincasa hispida
Eun Ju Yang
17:00-17:30 Eun Ju Yang

Jeonnam Bio Foundation, Korea

Benincasa hispida: Research trends and its application in food industry
Session 3. Futuristic Value-Based Chronic Disease Research in the Food/Nutrition Field 15:30-17:30 (Wed), Room 101 Organized by Korea Food Research Institute
Chair: Hae-Jeung Lee (Gachon Univ, Korea)
Hyo-Kyoung Choi
15:30-16:00 Hyo-Kyoung Choi

Korea Food Research Institute, Korea

Trans-disciplinary research approach for nutritional management of the patients with cancer
Youjin Kim
16:00-16:30 Youjin Kim

Log(me), Korea

Current approaches and future directions in precision nutrition for chronic disease
Chair: Tae-Gyu Lim (Sejong Univ, Korea)
Sungsoo Park
16:30-17:00 Sungsoo Park

Deargen, Korea

Scalability of “AI drug discovery technology” focusing platform and case-study
Kwang Suk Ko
17:00-17:30 Kwang Suk Ko

Ewha Womans University, Korea

Evolution of liver disease researches via multi-omics and biochemical convergence
Session 4. Sustainable Dietary Supplement Ingredient for Healthy Earth and People 15:30-17:30 (Wed), Room 102 Sponsored by dsm-firmenich
Chair: Soon-Mi Shim (Sejong Univ, Korea)
Ross Zirkle
15:30-16:10 Ross Zirkle

dsm-firmenich, Switzerland

Sustainable omega-3 source: Microalgae EPA and DHA
Byung-Yong Kim
16:10-16:50 Byung-Yong Kim

CKD Healthcare, Korea

Research insights into omega-3 fatty acids as dietary supplements in Korea
Nelleke Barning
16:50-17:30 Nelleke Barning

dsm-firmenich, Switzerland

Sustainability as business driver: market trends and how business can contribute

Session 5. Prospects and Challenges of the Plant-Based Foods for a Better World 15:30-17:30 (Wed), Room 103 Sponsored by Shinsegae Food Inc.
Chair: Mi Ri Kwon (Shinsegae Food Inc., Korea)
Bon Jae Gu
15:30-16:10 Bon-Jae Gu

Kongju National University, Korea

Technologies and challenges of producing plant-based meat analog
Jung-Hoon Kim
16:10-16:50 Jung-Hoon Kim

Intake Co., Ltd., Korea

Trends and directions of the vegetable alternative food market through case study
Nam Soo Han
16:50-17:30 Nam Soo Han

Chungbuk National University, Korea

Development of probiotic starter for soybean fermentation with flavor improving capacity
Session 6. Clinical and Non-Clinical Studies to Verify the Feasibility of Individually Recognized Health Functional Food Ingredients 15:30-17:30 (Wed), Room 104 Sponsored by Kolmar BNH
Chair: Jin-Taek Hwang (KFRI, Korea)
Bu Kyung Kim
15:30-16:10 Bu Kyung Kim

Kosin University, Korea

Glucose control effects of Momordica charantia (bitter melon)
Kwang-Soon Shin
16:10-16:50 Kwang-Soon Shin

Kyonggi University, Korea

Rhamnoglucuronan, a promising multifunctional bioactive polysaccharide from Korean seaweed and its industrial application
Martin John Reaney
16:50-17:30 Martin John Reaney

University of Saskatchewan, Canada

The flaxseed portfolio of natural health ingredients
Session 7. Development of New Assessment Methods of Food Safety and Quality Through Next Generation Sequencing 15:30-17:30 (Wed), Room 105 Sponsored by Sanigen Co., Ltd.
Chair: Dae-Ok Kim (Kyung Hee Univ, Korea)
Jin Ho Choi
15:30-16:00 Jin Ho Choi

Sanigen Co., Ltd., Korea

Application of food-borne pathogen diagnostic method via next generation sequencing
Yoonjee Chang
16:00-16:30 Yoonjee Chang

Kookmin University, Korea

Bacteriophages and their endolysins as potent biocontrol agents for enhancing food safety
Chair: Hyungjae Lee (Dankook Univ, Korea)
Jaewoo Bai
16:30-17:00 Jaewoo Bai

Seoul Women’s University, Korea

Exploration of new materials through next generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis for specific microbial detection
Bong-Soo Kim
17:00-17:30 Bong-Soo Kim

Hallym University, Korea

Application of next generation sequencing for food microbiome
Session 8. Recent Trends in Probiotics and Gut Microbiome for Human Health 15:30-17:30 (Wed), Room 106 Sponsored by Ildong Bioscience Co., Ltd.
Chair: Jihoon Jo (Chonnam Natl Univ Med School, Korea)
Jung Yeon Kim
15:30-16:00 Jung Yeon Kim

Seoul National University, Korea

Metabolic engineering of probiotic yeast for enhanced metabolic activities in the intestine
Young Hoon Jung
16:00-16:30 Young Hoon Jung

Kyungpook National University, Korea

Enhancing protein digestibilities by probiotics administration
Chair: Kidong Kim (Seoul Natl Univ Bundang Hosp, Korea)
Min-Sung Kwon
16:30-17:00 Min-Sung Kwon

World Institute of Kimchi, Korea

Exploring probiotics as a modulator of immune function and gut microbiome
Jin Seok Moon
17:00-17:30 Jin Seok Moon

Ildong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Korea

Impact of probiotic supplementation on exercise performance: Revealing the interconnection
Division 1. Development and Efficacy of Protein Formulas for Health in Middle Aged Adults 15:30-17:30 (Wed), Room 107 Organized by Clinical Nutrition Division & Sponsored by Namyang Dairy Products Co., Ltd.
Chair: Ki Woong Lee (Namyang R&D Center, Korea)
Byung Wook Yoo
15:30-16:00 Byung Wook Yoo

Soonchunhyang Univ. Seoul Hospital, Korea

The importance of prevention and treatment of sarcopenia in middle-aged and older adults
Cheol-Hyun Kim
16:00-16:30 Cheol-Hyun Kim

Dankook University, Korea

Potential therapeutic role of fermented whey protein for middle-aged adults
Mi Houn Park
16:30-17:00 Mi Houn Park

BORAMBIO R&D Center, Korea

Fermented whey protein supplementation improves muscular strength, muscle parameters, and physical performance in middle-aged Korean adults
Sung Han Kim
17:00-17:30 Sung Han Kim

Namyang R&D Center, Korea

Introduction of protein formulas for the middle aged and the elderly
Academic Award Lecture. 08:45-09:15 (Thu), Room 205
Chair: Young-Tack Lee (Gachon Univ, Korea)
Hyung Joo Suh
Hyung Joo Suh

Korea University, Korea

Physiological activities of yeast hydrolysate according to molecular weight
Plenary Lecture 2. 09:15-10:15 (Thu), Room 205
Chair: Woojin Jun (Chonnam Natl Univ, Korea)
Baraem Pam Ismail
Claudio De Simone

University of L’Aquila, Italy

Microbiome modulation for enhanced oxygen adaptability
Plenary Lecture 3. 10:15-11:15 (Thu), Room 205
Chair: Yoonhwa Jeong (Dankook Univ, Korea)
Bhesh Bhandari
Bhesh Bhandari

The University of Queensland, Australia

Use of gases for sustainable food processing and preservation
International Session 2. Nutrition and FoodTech 13:45-15:45 (Thu), Room 205
Chair: Woo-Sik Jeong (Kyungpook Natl Univ, Korea)
Jae-Hee Hong
13:45-14:15 Jae-Hee Hong

Seoul National University, Korea

Development of appreciation: The effect of repeated exposures and education on ideal sensory representation of black tea
14:15-14:45 Ciarán Forde

Wageningen University, Netherland

From perception to ingestion; understanding how sensory cues drive eating behaviors and energy intake
Chair: Young Jun Kim (Korea Univ, Korea)
14:45-15:15 Anet Režek Jambrak

University of Zagreb, Croatia

Sustainability aspects and digitalisation of nonthermal and advanced thermal processing
15:15-15:45 Ayisha Koyenikan

Mintel, UK

How global meal brands and retailers are responding to the cost of living crisis
International Session 3. Healthy Diet 16:00-18:00 (Thu), Room 205
Chair: Eunju Park (Kyungnam Univ, Korea)
16:00-16:30 Michael Zemel

University of Tennessee, USA

Role of dietary components in extending healthspan and lifespan
16:30-17:00 Yoo Kim

Oklahoma State University, USA

Dietary curcumin attenuates hepatic cellular senescence by suppressing inflammaging in aged mice
Chair: Ji-Yun Hwang (Sangmyung Univ, Korea)
17:00-17:30 Byoung-Joon Song


Benefits of dietary antioxidants on tissue injury caused by alcohol and nonalcoholic substances through the gut-liver-brain axis
Jeongseon Kim
17:30-18:00 Jeongseon Kim

National Cancer Center, Korea

Healthy eating and beyond: Multifaceted insights into cancer prevention
Session 9. Exploration and Discovery of Functional Materials for Sleep Health 13:45-15:45 (Thu), Room 201 Sponsored by FromBIO
Chair: Yoon Hyuk Chang (Kyung Hee Univ, Korea)
Eui-Joong Kim
13:45-14:25 Eui-Joong Kim

Eulji University, Korea

Why we sleep?
Min Young Um
14:25-15:05 Min Young Um

Korea Food Research Institute, Korea

Natural sleep aids as histamine receptor antagonists
InKee Hong
15:05-15:45 InKee Hong

Frombio Co., Ltd., Korea

Sleep-promoting effect and possible mechanisms of FSD-LS on pentobarbital-induced sleep in mice
Session 10. Gut-Organ Axis 13:45-15:45 (Thu), Room 202 Sponsored by CJ Wellcare
Chair: Young-Shick Hong (Chonnam Natl Univ, Korea)
Hak-Jong Choi
13:45-14:15 Hak-Jong Choi

World Institute of Kimchi, Korea

Probiotics ingestion alleviates symptoms of Parkinson’s disease by modulating the gut-brain axis
Chia-Chia Lee
14:15-14:45 Chia-Chia Lee

Synbio Tech Inc., Taiwan

A healthier life with Lactiplantibacillus plantarum TWK10
Vineetha Vijayakumar
14:45-15:15 Vineetha Vijayakumar

ADM Health and Wellness, USA

Probiotics and skin health: Use of 3-strain probiotic blend in children and adolescents with atopic dermatitis
Cristiana Piangiolino
15:15-15:45 Cristiana Piangiolino

Synbalance, Italy

A novel multistrain probiotic formulation designed for gut-urogenital axis in women along their life-span
Session 11. Development and Utilization of Food, Cosmetics and Medical Products Based on Organoid Technology 13:45-15:45 (Thu), Room 101 Sponsored by ORGANOIDSCIENCES, LTD.
Chair: Byung-Yong Kim (CKD Healthcare, Korea)
Cho-Rok Jung
13:45-14:05 Cho-Rok Jung

KRIBB, Korea

Organoid-based in vivo mimetic culture system for drug validation & its potential uses for the food science
Mi-Young Son
14:05-14:25 Mi-Young Son

KRIBB, Korea

Human gastrointestinal organoids as the in vitro platform for evaluating the effects of probiotics
Sang-Kyu Kim
14:25-14:45 Sang-Kyu Kim

Korea Ginseng Corporation, Korea

Multilayer coating with red ginseng dietary fiber improves intestinal adhesion and proliferation of probiotics in human intestinal epithelial models
Chair: In Gyun Hwang (Korea Univ, Korea)
Seoyeon Kyung
14:45-15:05 Seoyeon Kyung


Evaluating anti-hair loss efficacies using scalp and hair follicle mimic organoids
Mira Choi
15:05-15:25 Mira Choi

National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation, Korea

Regulatory oversight of cell&gene therapy products and outreach programs
Jongman Yoo
15:25-15:45 Jongman Yoo


Assessment of health functional foods utilizing organoids
Session 12. Advanced Strategies about Bioactive Foods and Ingredients for Joint Health 13:45-15:45 (Thu), Room 102 Sponsored by AceBiome
Chair: Kwang Suk Ko (Ewha Womans Univ, Korea)
Juan L Hancke
13:45-14:15 Juan L. Hancke

Universidad Austral de Chile, Chile

Andrographis paniculata and andrographolide on inflammation ParActin®,
a nutraceutical with effects on joint and muscle health
Ahn Joong Kyong
14:15-14:45 Joong Kyong Ahn

Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Unmet needs in managing rheumatoid arthritis: The role of diet
Chair: Ok-Kyung Kim (Chonnam Natl Univ, Korea)
Sanguine Byun
14:45-15:15 Sanguine Byun

Yonsei University, Korea

Identification of food compounds with therapeutic potential against arthritis
Dong Ju Son
15:15-15:45 Dong Ju Son

Chungbuk National University, Korea

Pre-clinical research strategy for developing functional ingredient for joint health
Session 13. Exploration of Health-Promoting Effects of Functional Resources 13:45-15:45 (Thu), Room 103 Sponsored by hy Co., Ltd.
Chair: Se Young Choung (Dankook Univ, Korea)
Jong Cheon Joo
13:45-14:15 Jong Cheon Joo

Wonkwang University, Korea

A 12 weeks, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Lilium lancifolium Thunb. extract on joint health
Hye Hyun Yoo
14:15-14:45 Hye Hyun Yoo

Hanyang University, Korea

Effects of plant-based extract mixture on alcohol metabolism and hangover improvement in humans: A randomized, double-blind, paralleled, placebo-controlled clinical trial
Sin-Hyeok Im
14:45-15:15 Sin-Hyeok Im


Organization of a consortium of bacteria confers synergistic regulatory effects and restrains inflammatory disorders
Yoo-Hyun Lee
15:15-15:45 Yoo-Hyun Lee

The University of Suwon, Korea

Protective effects of Cudrania tricuspidata against Helicobacter pylori-induced inflammation in C57BL/6 mice
Session 14. Probiotics for Urban Life 13:45-15:45 (Thu), Room 104 Sponsored by Hecto Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Chair: Hakdong Shin (Sejong Univ, Korea)
Young-Seo Park
13:45-14:15 Young-Seo Park

Gachon University, Korea

Probiotics: past, present, and future perspectives
Younghoon Kim
14:15-14:45 Younghoon Kim

Seoul National University, Korea

Potential perspectives on probiotics-derived extracellular vesicles
Chair: Bokyung Son (Dong-A Univ, Korea)
Nam Su Oh
14:45-15:15 Nam Su Oh

Korea University, Korea

Preventive effect of milk protein fermented with Lactobacillus strains on chronic stress-induced brain damage and intestinal dysfunction in mice
Kum-Joo Shin
15:15-15:45 Kum-Joo Shin

Hecto Healthcare Co., Ltd., Korea

Lactobacillus fermentum attenuates the alveolar bone loss in ligature-induced periodontitis in mice
Session 15. Strategies for Implementing Precision Nutrition for Health and Future Prospects in Industry 13:45-15:45 (Thu), Room 105 Organized by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
Chair: Myoungsook Lee (Sungshin Women’s Univ, Korea)
Miying Yon
13:45-14:15 Miying Yon

Korea Health Industry Development Institute, Korea

Precision nutrition trend and jump start strategies
Yoo Kyoung Park
14:15-14:45 Yoo Kyoung Park

Kyung Hee University, Korea

Development of a customized nutrition management model for the elderly at risk of dementia
Chair: Hee-Sook Lim (Kyung Hee Univ, Korea)
Samuel Hwang
14:45-15:15 Samuel Hwang

Theragen Bio, Korea

Genomic-based nutrition management and healthcare paradigm shift
Ju Young Kim
15:15-15:45 Ju Young Kim

Bionutrion, Korea

Management of fatty liver disease using personalized nutritional care with digital coaching program
Session 16. Development Trend of Functional Materials for Self-Medication 13:45-15:45 (Thu), Room 106 Sponsored by Huons
Chair: Ho Jin Heo (Gyeongsang Natl Univ, Korea)
Hyo-Jung Kwon
13:45-14:15 Hyo-Jung Kwon

Chungnam National University, Korea

Therapeutic effects of Quisqualis indica on benign prostatic hyperplasia and lower urinary tract symptoms
Gwi Yeong Jang
14:15-14:45 Gwi Yeong Jang

National Institute of Horticultural and Herbal Science, Korea

Cognitive enhancement effects of Platycodon grandiflorum root extract
Chair: Hong Jin Lee (Chung-Ang Univ, Korea)
Wan Kyu Lee
14:45-15:15 Wan Kyu Lee

Chungbuk National University, Korea

Development of immune-enhancing health functional food using Weissella cibaria JW15
Chul Young Kim
15:15-15:45 Chul Young Kim

Hanyang University, Korea

Herbal medicines to prevent skeletal muscle atrophy
Session 17. Recent Research Trends and Updates on the Hepatoprotective Effects of Korean Red Ginseng 13:45-15:45 (Thu), Room 107 Sponsored by Korea Ginseng Corporation
Chair: Seung-Ho Lee (Korea Ginseng Corp, Korea)
Young-Eun Cho
13:45-14:15 Young-Eun Cho

Andong National University, Korea

Korean red ginseng-derived exosomes prevent hepatic fibrosis
Jin-Kyu Park
14:15-14:45 Jin-Kyu Park

Kyungpook National University, Korea

Hepatoprotective effects of Korean red ginseng against chronic liver disease via modulating LSECs, Kupffer cells and gut-liver axis
Yoon-Seok Roh
14:45-15:15 Yoon-Seok Roh

Chungbuk National University, Korea

Mitochondrial link to ginsenosides by regulation of inflammasome signaling
Bong-Soo Kim
15:15-15:45 Bong-Soo Kim

Hallym University, Korea

Effects of Korean red ginseng on nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
Session 18. Nutrition Beauty & Active Nutrition 13:45-15:45 (Thu), Room 108 Sponsored by AMOREPACIFIC
Chair: Kwang-Soon Shin (Kyonggi Univ, Korea)
Jae Youl Cho
13:45-14:15 Jae Youl Cho

Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Upregulation of innate immunity by Panax ginseng berry concentrate in mice and macrophages
Choong Hwan Lee
14:15-14:45 Choong Hwan Lee

Konkuk University, Korea

Metabolomic diversity of fermentation microbe and its correlation with host-microbe interaction
Chair: Junsoo Lee (Chungbuk Natl Univ, Korea)
Yun-Hee Lee
14:45-15:15 Yun-Hee Lee

Seoul National University, Korea

Anti-diabetic effects of green tea extract through regulation of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 expression in adipose tissue
Minjung Chae
15:15-15:45 Minjung Chae


Oral ingestion of AP collagen peptides leads to systemic absorption of Gly-Pro-Hyp, alleviating H2O2-induced dermal fibroblast aging
Session 19. Find New Origin: Re-Discover Authentic Health Functions from Natural Products 13:45-15:45 (Thu), Room 109 Sponsored by Yuhan Care Co., Ltd.
Chair: Sung-Kwon Moon (Chung-Ang Univ, Korea)
Ho-Yong Sohn
13:45-14:25 Ho-Yong Sohn

Andong National University, Korea

Current status and prospect of hemp bio-industry (hempseed oil and hemp stem)
Tae-Jin Yang
14:25-15:05 Tae-Jin Yang

Seoul National University, Korea

High-throughput super-barcoding and development of species-specific barcoding markers for functional plants
Hyun-Je Park
15:05-15:45 Hyun-Je Park

Yuhan Care Co., Ltd., Korea

Development of individually approved health functional food for immune function from natural material
Session 20. Kimchi and Kimchi Fermentation 16:00-18:00 (Thu), Room 201 Sponsored by Korea Kimchi Fund Board
Chair: Che Ok Jeon (Chung-Ang Univ, Korea)
Young Shick Hong
16:00-16:30 Young Shick Hong

Chonnam National University, Korea

Metabolomic characterization of lactic acid bacteria derived from kimchi to better understand their metabotypes
Byung Hee Ryu
16:30-17:00 Byung Hee Ryu

Daesang Corp., Korea

Changes in microbial community and the function and role of starter cultures in kimchi fermentation
Sung Hyun Kim
17:00-17:30 Sung Hyun Kim

World Institute of Kimchi, Korea

Quality standardization and safety enhancement of brined kimchi cabbage
Hyun Jin Kim
17:30-18:00 Hyun Jin Kim

Gyeongsang National University, Korea

Exploring the impact of salt types on kimchi quality through metabolomics and microbiota analysis
Session 21. Development of Health Functional Food by the Fermentation of Natural Substances such as Noni and Kombucha 16:00-18:00 (Thu), Room 202 Sponsored by NSTbio Co., Ltd.
Chair: Younghwa Kim (Kyungsung Univ, Korea)
Jaeyeon Lee
16:00-16:30 Jaeyeon Lee

NSTbio, Korea

Research on standardization of manufacturing process for the development of global healthy functional food of the fermented noni
Se Young Choung
16:30-17:00 Se Young Choung

Dankook University, Korea

Immune modulatory effect of fermented Morinda citrifolia and deacetylasperulosidic acid
Chair: Jung-Ah Shin (Gangneung-Wonju Natl Univ, Korea)
Sung-Soo Park
17:00-17:30 Sung-Soo Park

Jeju National University, Korea

Preparation and functional properties of citrus & Korean Dendropanax kombucha
Hyun-Soo Lee
17:30-18:00 Hyun-Soo Lee

Osulloc R&D Center, Korea

Development of commercial kombucha: Utilizing domestic yeast and Sulloc probiotics to enhance resource value and ensure safety
Session 22. Carbon Neutrality and Food Cold Chain 16:00-18:00 (Thu), Room 101 Organized by Korea Food Research Institute
Chair: Hoon Kim (KFRI, Korea)
Jae Hwan Ahn
16:00-16:30 Jae Hwan Ahn

Korea Food Research Institute, Korea

Energy-based carbon reduction technology in the food cold chain
Seung Eel Oh
16:30-17:00 Seung Eel Oh

Korea Food Research Institute, Korea

ICT convergence for carbon neutrality certification in food industry
Rack-woo Kim
17:00-17:30 Rack-woo Kim

Kongju National University, Korea

Study on the simulation application in food processing and storage facilities
Yongseok Jeon
17:30-18:00 Yongseok Jeon

Korea Maritime & Ocean University, Korea

High efficiency refrigeration cycle technology for reducing carbon emissions
Session 23. Probiotics on Gut Health and Microbiome 16:00-18:00 (Thu), Room 102 Sponsored by CKD Healthcare
Chair: Soon-Mi Shim (Sejong Univ, Korea)
Byung-Yong Kim
16:00-16:30 Byung-Yong Kim

CKD Healthcare, Korea

Research and technical development of probiotics based on gut microbiome
Ki-Tae Suk
16:30-17:00 Ki-Tae Suk

Hallym University, Korea

Multi-strain probiotics alleviate diarrhea by modulating microbiome-derived metabolites and serotonin pathway
Chair: Byung-Yong Kim (CKD Healthcare, Korea)
Ki-Bae Hong
17:00-17:30 Ki-Bae Hong

Jeju National University, Korea

Effects of dietary mixed probiotics on sleep quality in animal models
Hong-Seok Son
17:30-18:00 Hong-Seok Son

Korea University, Korea

Machine learning model for age prediction using gut microbial communities
Session 24. Global Food Trend-Sugar Reduction 16:00-18:00 (Thu), Room 103 Sponsored by Samyang Corporation
Chair: Young-Wan Kim (Korea Univ, Korea)
JeongKwan Choi
16:00-16:30 JeongKwan Choi

Innova Market Insights B.V., Korea

Sugar reduction & consumer insights
Jihyun Yoon
16:30-17:00 Jihyun Yoon

Seoul National University, Korea

Reflection on the WHO's guideline on NSS from the perspective of Korean consumers
Chair: Hyun-Jung Chung (Chonnam Natl Univ, Korea)
Han-Jung Chae
17:00-17:30 Han-Jung Chae

Jeonbuk National University, Korea

d-Allulose ameliorates hyperglycemia and obesity through IRE1α sulfonation-RIDD axis; the involvement of SIRT1 & GLP1R
Il Seo
17:30-18:00 Il Seo

Samyang Food R&D, Korea

Application cases using sugar reduction ingredients
Session 25. Application Researches of Natural Functional Materials 16:00-18:00 (Thu), Room 104 Sponsored by Chungbuk Regional Innovation Platform
Chair: Young-Eun Cho (Andong Natl Univ, Korea)
Kwang-Won Yu
16:00-16:30 Kwang-Won Yu

Korea National University of Transportation, Korea

Development of intestinal immunomodulating materials from Centella asiatica as domestic bioresources
Huijin Heo
16:30-17:00 Huijin Heo

Chungbuk National University, Korea

Development of functional food materials to improve liver function of probiotics
Chair: Kilbo Shim (Pukyong Natl Univ, Korea)
Jungseok Choi
17:00-17:30 Jungseok Choi

Chungbuk National University, Korea

Development of functional processed meat containing honeybee products
Hyung Seo Hwang
17:30-18:00 Hyung Seo Hwang

Semyung University, Korea

Functional study of natural-derived materials in the in vitro psoriasis skin disease model
Session 26. Recent Issues and Trends in Alternative Sweeteners 16:00-18:00 (Thu), Room 105 Sponsored by Korea Food Industry Association
Chair: Sang-Do Ha (Chung-Ang Univ, Korea)
Namkyu Sun
16:00-16:40 Namkyu Sun

Ministry of Food & Drug Safety, Korea

Recent issues and management status on artificial sweeteners
Eunseok Choi
16:40-17:20 Eunseok Choi

Daesang Corporation, Korea

Recent development and market status of alternative sweeteners
Yoon Mi Cho
17:20-18:00 Yoon Mi Cho

Consumer Action for Future, Korea

Consumer trends and implications for alternative sweeteners
Session 27. Research on Food-Based Human Health Effects for a Healthy Life 16:00-18:00 (Thu), Room 106 Organized by National Institute of Agricultural Science, RDA
Chair: Jinsook Kim (Natl Inst Agric Sci, Korea)
Chul-Ho Lee
16:00-16:30 Chul-Ho Lee

KRIBB, Korea

Rejuvenation effect of gut microbiota, Akkermansia muciniphila in aged mice
Yumi Kim
16:30-17:00 Yumi Kim

UNIST, Korea

Turquoise killifish: a new model for aging research and testing anti-aging products for healthy aging
Eunkyung Jung
17:00-17:30 Eunkyung Jung

Amorepacific R&I Center, Korea

Strategy of nutricosmetics R&D for dermal health solution
Yu Jin Hwang
17:30-18:00 Yu Jin Hwang

National Institute of Agricultural Science, Korea

Research on multi-functional materials for a healthy and sustainable life
Session 28. Development Direction and Practical Research of Senior-Friendly Food 16:00-18:00 (Thu), Room 107 Organized by Kyung Hee University BK21 Four AgeTech-Service Convergence Major & Korea National Food Cluster/ Sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Chair: Hyun-Sun Lee (FOODPOLIS, Korea)
Eun-Ji Kim
16:00-16:30 Eun-Ji Kim

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Korea

Policies and systems for vitalizing the senior-friendly food industry
Hee-Sook Lim
16:30-17:00 Hee-Sook Lim

Kyung Hee University, Korea

Clinical application research for scientific verification of senior-friendly foods
Namhoon Kim
17:00-17:30 Namhoon Kim

Pusan National University, Korea

Economic evaluation and value estimation of senior-friendly foods
Bum-Keun Kim
17:30-18:00 Bum-Keun Kim

Korea Food Research Institute, Korea

Strategies for consumer-oriented food for the elderly
Session 29. Development Strategies for Functional Foods 16:00-18:00 (Thu), Room 108 Sponsored by Nutrione
Chair: Eun-Young Kwon (Kyungpook Natl Univ, Korea)
Inhee Bang
16:00-16:40 Inhee Bang

Nutrione, Korea

Development and industrialization strategy for individually approved health functional food ingredients
ye Rim Park
16:40-17:20 Hye Rim Park


R&D strategy for functional food through successful cases
Mi-Ra Oh
17:20-18:00 Mi-Ra Oh

Clinical Trial Center for Functional Foods, Korea

Strategy of clinical trial for functional foods
Session 30. Nutrition, Function, and Growth: A Comprehensive Exploration of Child Health and Development 16:00-18:00 (Thu), Room 109 Sponsored by NEUMED Inc.
Chair: Dae-Ok Kim (Kyung Hee Univ, Korea)
Hocheol Kim
16:00-16:30 Hocheol Kim

Kyung Hee University, Korea

Social and health implications of child height growth
Donghun Lee
16:30-17:00 Donghun Lee

Gachon University, Korea

Scientific evidence of astragalus extract mixture HT042 in child height growth
Chair: Hocheol Kim (Kyung Hee Univ, Korea)
Dung Chi Vu
17:00-17:30 Vu Chi Dung

Vietnam National Children’s Hospital, Vietnam

Challenge of nutrition for children with inborn errors of metabolism in Vietnam
Nguyen Ngoc-Khanh
17:30-18:00 Ngoc-Khanh Nguyen

Vietnam National Children’s Hospital, Vietnam

Multidisciplinary care including nutrition for children with spinal muscular atrophy in Vietnam
KFN & JSNFS Joint Symposium 10:00-12:10 (Fri), Room 205
10:00-10:10 Greetings

Boo-Yong Lee (CHA Univ, President of Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition)
Hitoshi Ashida (Kobe Univ, Vice-President of Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science)

Chairs: Kiyotaka Nakagawa (Tohoku Univ, Japan) & Yooheon Park (Dongguk Univ, Korea)
Bomi Ryu
10:10-10:40 Bomi Ryu

Pukyong National University, Korea

Exploration of structural characteristics and potential health benefits of Sargassum-derived fucoidan: Investigating gut microbiota modulation
Shigenobu Matsumura
10:40-11:10 Shigenobu Matsumura

Osaka Metropolitan University, Japan

Dietary fat intake and body weight regulation
Sae-Byuk Lee
11:10-11:40 Sae-Byuk Lee

Kyungpook National University, Korea

Study on quality improvement of K-fermented food using non-Saccharomyces yeasts
Yoshimi Kishimoto
11:40-12:10 Yoshimi Kishimoto

Setsunan University, Japan

Dietary polyphenol intake and its potential role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease in Japanese
Session 31. Socioeconomic Cost Saving Effects of Health Functional Food Consumption in Korea 08:45-10:45 (Fri), Room 201 Sponsored by Korea Health Functional Food Association
Chair: Il-Jun Kang (Hallym Univ, Korea)
Jiyoun Hong
08:45-09:25 Jiyoun Hong

Korea University, Korea

Socioeconomic cost saving effects of health functional food consumption in Korea
Inbae Ji
09:25-10:05 Inbae Ji

Dongguk University, Korea

Analysis of health improvement effects of functional food intake
Seok-Hyun Heo
10:05-10:45 Seok-Hyun Heo

Health Functional Food Future Forum, Korea

Case studies on the cost-benefits of dietary supplements in the United States, Europe, and Australia
Session 32. Functionality Research in Korean Fermented Food 08:45-10:45 (Fri), Room 202 Organized by Microbial Institute for Fermentation Industry
Chair: Sam-Pin Lee (Keimyung Univ, Korea)
Sunmin Park
08:45-09:25 Sunmin Park

Hoseo University, Korea

The gut-brain axis enhancement by fermented foods through modulating gut microbiota
Youn-Soo Cha
09:25-10:05 Youn-Soo Cha

Jeonbuk National University, Korea

The effects of Gochujang on intestinal health and identification of the Korean Jang paradox
Woo-Suk Chang
10:05-10:45 Woo-Suk Chang

University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Effects of fermented soybean products (Cheonggukjang) on human gut microbiomes in westerners
Division 2. Sustainable Food Systems in the Food Service Industry 08:45-10:45 (Fri), Room 101 Organized by Food Services Division
Chair: Min-Yu Chung (Gangseo Univ, Korea)
Yean Jung Choi
08:45-09:25 Yean Jung Choi

Sahmyook University, Korea

Revolutionizing the food service industry: The potential of alternative meats and edible insects for sustainable food systems
Hyung Rea Park
09:25-10:05 Hyung Rea Park

BO GO, Korea

Relation with Fukushima nuclear power plant accident and drinking water
Sang Hyun Chung
10:05-10:45 Sang Hyun Chung


Changes in food and beverage trends in 2024, focusing on soymilk and other beverages
Division 3. Research into Sensory Quality Factors of Agricultural and Meat Products 08:45-10:45 (Fri), Room 102 Organized by Emotion and Sensibility Science Division
Chair: Hye-Seong Lee (Ewha Womans Univ, Korea)
Soo-Hyun Cho
08:45-09:15 Soo-Hyun Cho

National Institute of Animal Science, Korea

Sensory evaluation research of meat product using sensory quality factors and industrial utilization
Ji-Won Jung
09:15-09:45 Ji-Won Jung

CJ Cheilijedang Food R&D Institute, Korea

Quality evaluation of agricultural products mainly used in processed foods
Chair: Jeehyun Lee (Pusan Natl Univ, Korea)
Eui-Cheol Shin
09:45-10:15 Eui-Cheol Shin

Gyeongsang National University, Korea

Chemosensoric analyses of domestic agricultural products using e-tongue, e-nose and GC/MS
Min-A Kim
10:15-10:45 Min-A Kim

Chonnam National University, Korea

Trends in sensory evaluation for quality analysis of agricultural food products
Division 4. Strategic Approach to Developing Alternative Foods for Globalizing K-Food 08:45-10:45 (Fri), Room 103 Organized by Alternative Foods Division
Chair: Mi-Jung Choi (Konkuk Univ, Korea)
Hae Kyoung Ha<
08:45-09:09 Hae Kyoung Ha

Korean Intellectual Property Office, Korea

Intellectual property trends and inventive step criteria in the alternative meat industry
Jung-Kue Shin
09:09-09:33 Jung-Kue Shin

Jeonju University, Korea

Development of Korean foods menu using textured soy protein
Min Kyung Park
09:33-09:57 Min Kyung Park

Korea Food Research Institute, Korea

Customized flavor research strategy for the development of K-Food using alternative proteins
Chair: Yun-Sang Choi (KFRI, Korea)
Hyunsuk Ahn
09:57-10:21 Hyunseok Ahn


Strategic approach to developing alternative foods for globalizing K-food
Yerim Na
10:21-10:45 Yerim Na

SPC group, Korea

Alternative food applications in the bakery industry
Session 33. Nature’s Power & Genomic Secrets: Pioneering the Frontier of Nutritional Prevention 11:00-13:00 (Fri), Room 201 Sponsored by Hyundai Bioland
Chair: Youn Young Shim (Korea Univ, Korea)
Chang Hwa Jung
11:00-11:30 Chang Hwa Jung

Korea Food Research Institute, Korea

Discovery of novel functional foods for enhancing hair health
Youn-Soo Cha
11:30-12:00 Jae Kyeom Kim

Korea University, Korea

Application of multi-omics approaches to nutritional sciences
Jing Chen
12:00-12:30 Jing Chen

Jinan University, China

Anti-inflammatory effect of flaxseed linusorbs
Sung-Jin Lee
12:30-13:00 Sung-Jin Lee

Hyundai Bioland, Korea

Hangover improvement of fermented garlic extract
Session 34. Building a Platform for Commercialization of Functional Materials Based on Natural Products 11:00-13:00 (Fri), Room 202 Sponsored by Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Chair: Young Jun Kim (Korea Univ, Korea)
Jin-Soo Kim
11:00-11:30 Jin-Soo Kim

Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Korea

Add science to the value of deer antlers; KD
Ki-Won Lee
11:30-12:00 Ki-Won Lee

Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Korea

Case of individually approved health functional food ingredients using deer antlers complex
Chair: Ae-Son Om (Hanyang Univ, Korea)
Hyeung-Jin Jang
12:00-12:30 Hyeung-Jin Jang

Kyung Hee University, Korea

Cervus elaphus antler extract mixture enhances mesenchymal cell supply to the growth plate and promotes bone growth
Yong-Duk Kim
12:30-13:00 Yong-Duk Kim

BTC Corporation, Korea

Fermented red ginseng and pharmacokinetics of ginsenosides
Session 35. New Approaches in Sensory Evaluations: Advancements and Applications 11:00-13:00 (Fri), Room 101 Organized by Korea Food Research Institute
Chair: Jeehyun Lee (Pusan Natl Univ, Korea)
Manyoel Lim
11:00-11:30 Manyoel Lim

Korea Food Research Institute, Korea

Understanding sensory perception and acceptance of food using brain imaging
Jungmin Oh
11:30-12:00 Jungmin Oh

Korea Food Research Institute, Korea

Effects of sensory test conditions and cooking methods on consumer acceptance
Chair: Jungmin Oh (KFRI, Korea)
Han Sub Kwak
12:00-12:30 Han Sub Kwak

Korea Food Research Institute, Korea

Consumer testing beyond the sensory facility
Youngseung Lee
12:30-13:00 Youngseung Lee

Dankook University, Korea

Comparison of conventional and consumer-based sensory profiling methods for liquid and semi-solid foods
Session 36. Establishment of Foundation for Global Advancement of Health Functional Food 11:00-13:00 (Fri), Room 102 Organized by National Institute of Food and Drug Safety Evaluation
Chair: Hye Young Lee (NIFDS, Korea)
Tea Young Hwang
11:00-11:40 Tae Young Hwang

Mintel Korea, Korea

Global health functional food consumption trend
Min Jung Bae
11:40-12:20 Min Jung Bae

The Food Industry promotional Agency of Korea, Korea

Functional ingredients research trends by country
Sau-Ryang Kim
12:20-13:00 Sau-Ryang Kim

Biotoxtech Co., Ltd., Korea

Considerations and differences of safety (GLP toxicity) data for food ingredient approval in domestic and foreign countries
Session 37. Establishment of Reference Value for Consumption Period Based on Scientific Evidence for Application of Food Industry 11:00-13:00 (Fri), Room 103 Sponsored by Korea Advanced Food Research Institute of Korea Food Industry Association
Chair: Young-Jun Kim (Seoul Natl Univ of Sci & Technol, Korea)
Cheol Soo Lee
11:00-11:40 Cheol Soo Lee

Korea Advanced Food Research Institute of Korea Food Industry Association, Korea

A study on the diversity of the reference value of use-by-date according to food manufacturing process and packaging material
Gyung Jin Bahk
11:40-12:20 Gyung Jin Bahk

Kunsan National University, Korea

Development and application of accelerated experimental model of long-term preserved foods
Young-Joo Lee
12:20-13:00 Young-Joo Lee


Establishment and management of use by date of food manufacturers
Young Scientists Presentation 09:00-12:40 (Fri), Room 106
Chair: Mi-Kyung Lee (Sunchon Natl Univ, Korea)
Hyun-Dong Cho
09:00-09:20 Hyun-Dong Cho

University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

VEGF-induced vascular permeability is regulated by VEGFR2 trafficking
Myungsuk Kim
09:20-09:40 Myungsuk Kim

Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

Eubacterium species augmented by the ginsenoside Rg3 alleviate dexamethasone-induced sarcopenia in genetically diverse mouse strains
Eunsoo Kim
09:40-10:00 Eunsoo Kim

Pusan National University, Korea

Chronic exposure to heavy metal pollutant found in food ingredients alters gut microenvironment and affect systemic and mucosal immune responses
Wonjune Lee
10:00-10:20 Wonjune Lee

Sejong University, Korea

The protective potential of various catechins from green tea on vascular endothelium via hydrogen sulfide production
Hyun-Ji Oh
10:20-10:40 Hyun-Ji Oh

CHA University, Korea

Anti-sarcopenic effect of Korean ginseng and functional food ingredients via immunomodulation in 20-26-month-old mice
Chair: Jung-Heun Ha (Dankook Univ, Korea)
Yu Geon Lee
11:00-11:20 Yu Geon Lee

Korea Food Research Institute, Korea

Heart health: Gray zone in functional food
Phu Cuong Nguyen
11:20-11:40 Phu Cuong Nguyen

Chungnam National University, Korea

Isolation, physicochemical characterization, and biological activity of inotodiol from chaga mushroom
Jin Hong Mok
11:40-12:00 Jin Hong Mok

Pukyong National University, Korea

Thermal and nonthermal inactivation of enzymes in liquid foods influenced by moderate electric fields (MEFs)
Young Sung Jung
12:00-12:20 Young Sung Jung

Korea Food Research Institute, Korea

Bioavailability of soy isoflavone alpha glucosides synthesized by amylosucrase
Kalian Barathikannan
12:20-12:40 Kalian Barathikannan

Kangwon National University, Korea

Dynamic impact on untargeted metabolic profile and network pharmacology for fermented brown (Oryza sativa L) rice and in-situ evaluation on anti-obesity efficacy